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GILANG COMMUNICATIONS is an Integrated Communications Services was established in 2001 to provide strategic communications consulting to multinationals, national companies and public institutions in Indonesia and abroad.

GILANG COMMUNICATIONS is supported by a professional team, educated and trained. Experiences built up over the years by our consultants bring a special mix of communications skill and expertise in the areas of communications.

We listen to clients, research the issue, develop new programs and go beyond what is merely expected. And we do this always with clients reputation front-of-mind.

Strategic Communication Counseling

Worked with our client's top management in developing communication policies, defining communication objectives, positioning statements and key messages to support the organization's goals.

Crisis Communications Strategy Development

Developed strategies and tactics that can prevent or modify the impact of major events on the company. Our crisis communications management program includes creation of a comprehensive crisis communications plan, a half-day crisis communications workshop on-site and media training for designated spokespeople Developed strategies and tactics that can prevent or modify the impact of major events on the company. Our crisis communications management program includes creation of a comprehensive crisis communications plan, a half-day crisis communications workshop on-site and media training for designated spokespeople.

Employee Communications

Developed effective employee communication policies by conducting an internal communication audit to understand communication problems, issues, information, needs, priorities and satisfaction levels among employees. We developed appropriate communication policy, strategy, messages, tactics and tools using the findings of the communication audit.

Corporate Marketing Communications

Developed creative and editorial concepts for corporate and product profiles, promotional literatures, annual reports, newsletters etc. in a variety of media including print, video and multimedia.

Media Relations

Developed media strategy, media relationships, media tools, which included press releases, positioning statements, anticipated media questions and answers, provided media training for spokespersons and organized press conferences, briefings and media visits.

Media Monitoring & Analysis

Tracked issues in the media in order to anticipate crises and developed appropriate strategies to counter negative development and positively position the organization in the eyes of the public.

Social Media Consultation

Tracked and designed to shape your use of Web 2.0 tools like blogs, facebook and twitter. We'll assist you in matching your strategy to your goals, educate you on best practices and posting, and help you create the right voice for social media outreach.

Media Training

Organized in-house training session aimed to ensure consistency of company spokesperson/ key messages. The role of media training is to shape media communication on the company in their style, to ensure the company's position, stand and views on the issues will be conveyed by the right and competent spokesperson.

Media Audit/Research

The audit is designed to assess the level of knowledge, understanding and perception of client's target stakeholders, including the media, about the company's initiatives, as well as to provide measurable evidence of the client's current reputational situation.

Special Event

Created exciting and novel concepts to leverage publicity towards the organization's desired image. We have experience in organizing seminars, conference, exhibitions, product launches, gathering, sports events (such as Golf tournament, Athletic meets, etc).

How We Work

1. Research

  • Identify issues/factors that can affect the project's image, attitude and knowledge of the project
  • Understand the image & communication platform of comparative programs
  • Access effectiveness of existing communication tools & program
  • 2. Strategy

  • Define objectives and measurable success indicators
  • Define desired image & attitudes
  • Develop key messages for various audiences
  • Prioritize issues and audiences.
  • 3. Plan

  • Determine appropriate tools & tactics
  • Determine time frame
  • Determine budget
  • Implement the program
  • 4. Evaluate

  • Determine effectiveness of program based on agreed success indicators
  • Adjust program as required.

  • Dewi Iskandar (Director)

    More than 15 years experience in marketing communications and public relations. Specializes in PR counseling, and creating special programs for clients, particularly industrial sectors, including forestry, food and beverage, consumer goods, banking, pharmaceuticals, sports and trading. Clients experience includes General Electric, BCA, BMW, Singapore Exhibition Services (SES), TNT, GlaxoSmithKline, Bayer Healthcare, Forestry Department, etc.

    Indar Juniardi (Senior PR)

    Over 10 years experience in Public Relations and Media Relations. Strenght are developing internal communications strategies and tools, media training, press editorial and event management and promotion. He was joint for several medias such as SPORT magazine, News Agency ( LKBN Antara). His client includes HSBC, Indonesia Army, etc.

    Genuk Christiastuti

    Over 14 years with Warta Ekonomi, which gives her ample field experience and key media contacts. Strength are in media relations planning , press editorial and implementation of media campaign.


    Specialize in public relations program, research and strategy. Over 6 years experience in public relations, especially in production house and other private companies such as PT Shell Indonesia, HSBC.

    Parama Dewata

    Over 10 years experience in creating and handling specials events, such as Seminars, Conference, Exhibition, and also Social Programs such Sport Event, Family Gathering, Annual Meeting, Product Launches, etc.

    Husein Bakrie

    Specialize in information technology. Over 7 years experience in developing program for media monitoring, design, etc.

    Bayu Dewa

    Specialize in creating design and implement the concept over 8 years experience in developing design for variety of communications tools such as annual report, product profile, news letter, promotional literature, etc.

    Surendra, Annisa C. Putri, Agung Adityawarman, Asep Wijaya, M.Yusuf

    Specialize in Media Monitoring and Analyzing.

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    Genuk Christiastuti

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    Husein Bakrie (for Media Monitoring)

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